Mission and Vision



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    Our mission is to manufacture our country’s underground sources in such a manner that primarily creating the highest accretion value without violating the respect to people, environment and laws, and based on customer satisfaction.

    Since its establishment our company has gain respect in diversified activities by its “pioneer” in the industry, “innovator” and “trustworthy” identity.

    Our company doesn’t assert the claim to be “greatest”. We think that our specifications above are the key for success and profit is the product of success and the important thing is to be “permanent”. This is only possible by creating a workspace consist of mutual understanding and trust where the ideas, experiences and knowledge of the managers are shared, every worker contributes to the progress, and success is appreciated.

    As company management our rules are not strict but we are loyal to our principles. We believe that honest, perfectionist, productive, sharing, firm and humble people will carry us to the future and we are supporting them.


    Our company vision is to become an institution that makes business in every branch of activity based on international standards and known in international network.