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    One of the most commonly used area for dry ice is food carriage industry. It ensures that when there are frozen food transportations by air, sea or railroad on long distances, preserving in a cool environment and prevent food decomposition. In addition, again in air, sea or railroad transportations, it prevents food and beverage decomposition with ensuring the preservation until the service moment. Dry ice also has a great importance in fishing industry since it ensures the maintaining the fish fresh and not rotten, and transporting to a location in the same good conditions.


    Dry ice is commonly used in industrial cleaning sector. Beside its high quality cleaning feature, dry ice is also preferred for cleaning the fragile surfaces without damaging them.


    Dry ice is also used in health industry. Beside its application on variety of medicines in its gas form, it is used for efficient cleaning in the warehouses where medical, pharmaceutic and various chemical materials are stored and for the inside of the vehicles and environments which are used for these materials’ transportations.


    Due to the reason that dry ice is harmless to human health, it is used actively in food and beverage presentations for cooling and visual show purposes. It is often used for transforming Hotels’, restaurants’ and bars’ open buffet, dessert-fruit and bottle alcohol’s presentation and cold serve into a visual show. As for special days, specially designed dry ice smoke machines, by offering a scentless application which is harmless to human health and doesn’t discomfort the people in a closed area, creates artificial smoke.

    In greenhousing industry, dry ice is used for the applications on the plants in its solid and gas form.

    Carbondioxide can’t liquify under atmospheric conditions and found in solid or gas form. Dry ice is the solid form of Carbondioxide. It has -78,5°C degree temperature.

    It is produced in 2 different forms as Pellet and Nugget in industrial applications.

    With the shape of rice, Pellets are in 3 mm size and special for dry ice blasting. Since it’s very thin and has a high density, Pellets have excellent results for surface blasting applications. Moreover, we offer you all the equipment for in‑house manufacturing of Pellets and dry ice blasting.

    Nugget is the form of 16 mm size. The main applications are packaging and food transportation. Nuggets have the slowest sublimation comparing to Pellets. In other words, Nugget dry ice remains longer than Pellets.


    Osmaniye Concentrate and Micronization Facility
    Our Osmaniye facility is located strategically along the main highway that connects Turkey’s South and Southeast regions with its Southern neighboring countries.

    Sivas Celestite Concentrate Facility
    Our Sivas facility is located in Turkey’s Central Anatolia region and spans an area of 100,000 m² outdoors and 3,000 m² indoors.

    Kayseri Bozkar Natural Carbon Dioxide Liquidation Facility
    Since its inception in 1997, our Kayseri Facility uses deep well drilling to produce Carbon Dioxide from underground resources.

    Bursa Bozkar Carbon Dioxide Liquidation Facility
    Established in 2007, our Bursa facility uses the raw gas formed by corn and wheat fermentation as a source in Carbon Dioxide production.