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    Osmaniye facility is located on the highway which connects the cities in the south and southeast of Turkey and connects Turkey to its neighbours in the south. With its open area above 20 hectare and 12,000 m² closed area, Osmaniye facility offers a great substructure potential to get bigger. Another advantage of our Osmaniye facility is its closeness to the important ports at the South of Turkey. Mersin port is located approximately 200 km away and being used for container shipment and Iskenderun port is approximately 80 km away and being used for bulk shipments. In addition, our facility is 600 km away to the North Iraq border gate where petroleum drilling activities are intense, and 150 km away to our border gate with Syria. Osmaniye facility has; Williams pendulum mills, Lopulco roller-and-table mills, ball mills, whizzer blade separators, Delta-Sizer separators offer an impressive array of grinding, classification and production using various physical methods in accordance with ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System for a multitude of industrial minerals. Facility has in addition gravity based mineral beneficiation plant that operates if and when upgrading of run-of-mine ore is required. Our facility has 120,000  mt/year API, drilling grade barite and 30,000 mt/year micronized barite grinding capacity while making packaging in 25-50 kg craft bags and 1-1.5 mt BigBag.

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