Our History



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    Hamdi Bozbag discovered the first Barite reserve of Turkey in Kahramanmaras and established Barit Maden LTD Company in order to make the first Barite production in Turkey.


    TAEK (Turkish Atomic Energy Authority) was the first customer of the company. TAEK used the Barite on the construction of the nuclear reactor in the Nuclear Research Facility in Istanbul, Kucukcekmece due to the reason that it’s a non-radiation penetrated mineral.


    Barit Maden LTD made the first Barite export of Turkey.


    Ministry of Commerce has given a prize that symbolizes their admiration and conferment to Barit Maden LTD due to its contributions on the subjects of Turkish Barite’s introduction on the international markets and increase of the country’s export.


    Council of Ministers has decided that the word of “Turk” will be allowed to use within the title of Barit Maden Ltd.


    Hamdi Bozbag discovered the Celestite reserves in Sivas and opened Turkey’s first Celestite mine.


    By transferring Barit Maden Turk LTD’s all active and passives to Barit Maden Turk A.S., the company’s legal entity got registered in Trade Register.


    Barit Maden Turk A.S. made Turkey’s first Celestite export and expanded its export in Europe, Japan and South Korea.


    Barit Maden Turk A.S., in order to make an accretion value to the Barite product, started the construction of Turkey’s first Barite concentrate and grinding facility in the Bahce district of Osmaniye province.


    Company’s head office has been moved from Ankara to Istanbul.


    Barit Maden Turk A.S. has become Turkey’s first exporter company of grinded Barite. Company’s API grade product has found favor on global Petroleum Fields Service Provider (OSS) companies.


    Sivas’s first concentrate facility which uses gravitational techniques has been established near the Celestite mines.


    Barit Maden Turk A.S. has started the production by the micronized Barite facility with the world’s biggest capacity as regarding the use of Barite as filling material in paint industry.


    Hamdi Bozbag discovered the carbondioxide reserve which is volcanic origin, natural and with the highest purity possible in Kayseri and established a natural carbondioxide liquidization facility near the wells in a short time. Facility has started liquid carbondioxide shipment to the carbonated beverage companies with its own tanker fleet under the brand “Bozkar”.


    Kayseri Carbondioxide Liquidization Facility has got ISO 9001 quality certificate.


    Kayseri Carbondioxide Liquidization Facility has got ISO 22000 food safety certificate.


    Kayseri Carbondioxide Liquidization Facility has got ISO 18001 occupational health and safety certificate.


    Barit Maden Turk A.S., with the collaboration of ASCO has started dry ice manufacturing.


    A separate carbondioxide liquidization facility has been established in Bursa, Mustafakemalpasa in order to create logistic amenities in the regions of Aegean and Marmara.


    Supply and sales of the components except Barite in drilling mud have been started.


    Turkey’s first synchronical analysis unit has been installed to the Kayseri Carbondioxide Liquidization Facility.


    The Barite concentrate and grinding facility in Osmaniye, Bahce has got ISO 9001 quality, 14001 environment and 18001 occupational health and safety certificates.