Human Resources



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    Our company’s human resources policy is defined as part of our goals and values. We care about developing long-term and creating mutually accretion value based relationships with our employees. By keeping the organic relationship between institutional and personal development alive and making a summary of our half century past, we are again putting this relationship to our center on the way to the next century.

    Within our yearly workforce plans, we are announcing our need of our friends who has the required knowledge, ability, experience and personal characteristics through mass media, human resources portals and our website.

    Following this announcements, the applications which we receive electronically are being assessed to a preselection. In order to get to know our eligible friends better, we are inviting them to a job interview in our company. We are keeping the applications of our other friends on our human resources data base and inform them.

    Beside these announcements, you can transmit your application which implies that you desire to work in our company with the “General Application” reference through our mail address within the contact information section.

    Thank you for your interest in our company.