Located in the foothill of an ancient  volcano , Erciyes ,  Kayseri facility has got almost infinite resource guarantee. Raw gas is extracted from undergound by deep wells drilling. Daily processing capacity is 100 tons and storage capacity is 1100 tons. Regarding its location , facility is the supply center for our customers in Central Anatolia with eastern periphery and Middle East Countries. Kayseri is the one and only facility in Turkey which has got on-line gas analysis system for monitoring the product at manufacturing , storage and transportation phases.

Regarding the increase in demand for natural carbondioxide of Bozkar , we’ve inaugurated  our second liqufication plant in Bursa at 2007. Daily processing capacity is 50 tons/day and storage capacity is 300 tons. It’s the supply centre for our customers located in West Turkey. Our product is subject to technical monitoring by Gas Choromotography during liquification. For industrial cleaning purposes , we also produce dry ice pellets with 250kg/hour capacity.

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