We keep our product liquid between 15 to 22 bars and -28 °C and -16 °C temperature, in storage tanks, with advanced insulation standarts and manufactured according to design quality  approved by internationally accredited institutions. Our storage tanks are equipped and served with all peripheral equipments like security valves , cooling units , vaporizer etc. We provide you three different in-house storage options with reference to your consumption plans (10 m³ / 23 m³ / 30 m³). For more detailed information please contact us. Our storage tanks have manufacturing approval from Lloyd and periodical (every 10 year) pressure test certificates from TUV. Moreover , our technical service deparment is realizing  preventive maintenance works twice per year for smooth operation of gas equipments. For those customers with space limitations at facility , we are able to offer vertical cryogenic storage tanks.


We have got a strong fleet consisting of 20 transporters designed for bulk liquid carbondioixide supply to assure you just-in-time delivery complying with your expectations. For each shipment , your quality assurance team will receive Certificate of Analysis which shows the content of the gas at the transporter. For a sample Certificate of Analysis please contact us. More over , we provide you our Material Safety Data Sheet. For cylinder applications, please contact us to provide you the contact details of our regional dealers. Thanks to the the location of our facilities , we keep our commitment to carry our product to your facility in max.48hrs following your order confirmation, wherever your facility is. Depending upon your consumption level , we are able to make two types of dispatch  with our 10 m3 and 20 m3 transporters .

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