Barit Maden Turk management with its staff intend to make the mines and natural resources , as subterranean  prosperity of our country , available and usable   for different industrial applications.

Within this framework , we hereby commit ourselves to;

  • Keep  our knowhow and  workforces at highest level in terms of training , productivity and competition at all phases of production,
  • Assure the establishment , conformity and permanency of corporate targets,
  • Work according to Food Security Measures, Environmental Protection , Occupational Health and Safety and other legal regulations  and our customer’s expectations,
  • Perform in line with environmental rules specified by laws
  • Take all necessary measures for preventing pollution and  lessen the agents which may have negative impacts on environment ,
  • Provide qualified and secure goods in line with our role in food supply chain,
  • Utilize our natural resources with conscious and gentle steps
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