Bahce facility is  practically  on  the  motorway  that  links  major  cities  to  Turkey’s  southern  neighbours. Over  20  hectares  of  land  and  12.000sq.m.  of  storage  room  at  Bahçe  provide  an  excellent  base  for  future  expansions. Bahçe  is  conveniently  located  in  close  vicinity  of  all  major  southern  ports  of  Turkey; Mersin Port is  ideal  for  containerized  goods and approximately 200km and  Iskenderun  Port is  preferred  for  bulk  deliveries and approximately 80km away from our facility. Also we are 600km away from Turkish – Iraqi border and 150km away from Turkish –Syrian border  which are the gate to the heart of most oil drilling activities at Middle East.

Bahçe  facility  has  ; Williams  pendulum  mills,  Lopulco  roller-and-table  mills,  ball  mills,  whizzer  blade  separators,  Delta-Sizer  separators  offer  an  impressive  array of  grinding  and  classification  facilities  for  a  multitide  of  industrial  minerals. Facilty  have  in  addition  a  gravity  based  mineral  beneficiation  plant  that  operates  if  and  when  upgrading  of  run-of-mine  ore  is  required.

Our facility has 200.000 mt/year API, drilling grade barite and 60.000 mt/year micronised barite grinding capacity while making packaging in 25-50 kg craft bags and 1-1,5 mt BigBag.




Sivas facility was established in the middle of Turkey which has over 100.000 m2 opened and 3.000 m2 covered area. Facility surrounded by world largest srontium reserves and 9 km away from Bostankaya , 5km away from Taşlıdere train station. Our facility, which has 700 mt/day concentration capacity, is also 400 km away from Samsun Port and 550 km away from Iskenderun Port.

Facility is the  first  mining/processing  operation  in  Turkey  that  is  certified  ISO 9001:2000 (Quality  Management  System)  and  OHSAS 18001:99 (Occupational  Health  and  Safety  Management  System).

Over 1,5 million tonnes of product  exp orted to Germany, France, South Korea and Japan   since 30 years. In last 3 years, product started to serve to automotive and paint industry as a filler agent and opened a new market for itself.




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