1956 Barit Maden was founded by the Geological and Mining Engineer Hamdi Bozbağ as a limited liability company.
1960 The first barite ever exploited in Turkey was produced for shielding of the Küçükçekmece nuclear reactor.
1964 Barit was exported for the first time from Turkey by Barit Maden.
1967 The government of the time awarded the company for its accomplishments by adding "Türk" to its name, renaming it as Barit Maden Türk.
1972 Turkey's first strontium mine was established by the company at Sivas.
1973 Barit Maden Türk changed its status to joint stock company.
1974 The company began exporting strontium.
1976 Turkey's first barite grinding plant began operating at Bahçe.
1978 Headquarter was moved from Ankara to İstanbul.
1979 Barit Maden Türk A.Ş. exported ground barite for the first time from Turkey.
1980 The first commercial scale celestite benefication plant was installed at Sivas.
1981 A daughter company by the name of Barsel was established for transporting run-of-mine ores and concentrates from the company's mines.
1986 The benefication and grinding facility at Bahçe was expanded to become the largest of its kind in Turkey.
1991 Zinc sulphide flotation started at Gümüşhane and concentrated product was exported.
1992 Micronized calcite production started in Bahçe.
1997 Turkey's most modern carbon dioxide plant began its production under the name of Bozkar using natural resources at Kayseri.
1999 The company began operating a gypsum plaster plant at Sivas.
2004 Bahce Works began Talc manufacturing.
2005 Dry Ice Blasting (DIB) business started.
2007 Second Carbondioxide Liquefaction plant in Bursa.
2009 Supplying Drilling Fluid Additives and Chemicals started.
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